The Power of Boredom

I’m bored. Bored bored bored. Last year, I’ve revived my YouTube channel so I’ve been reading up on creativity. Things like; how do people create, what’s their routine, what’s even the point, … And turns out, how to do more, is to do less.

Smart people say boredom is great

After reading up on articles from people that are much smarter than me, turns out that boredom is a great thing for creativity. Sometimes to let your imagination run free, you need to rest your brain. After all, the brain is a muscle, and like any other muscle: it needs to rest from time to time.

This is where the boredom kicks in. Be bored to be creative. Might be an oversimplification but feel free to look up more on that.

My Battle Against Boredom

The articles made me think about my own battles with boredom. Feels like I always have this need to fight against it by scrolling through social media site, watching YouTube videos, reading the most random things on Wikipedia, binging TV shows (that I often barely like), … There’s always something going on.

So for this year, my resolution is going to be: to be more bored. Consciously avoid pointlessly filling up my brain with random bits of information but rather letting it run free by just sitting and thinking. Weird, I know. Especially since I’ve constructed this habit of stopping my own thoughts creeping in my mind. In 2023, I’ll let my mind wander more, stop the daily consuming of clutter of the internet. Getting organized to be bored.

Now I’ve been thinking on how to end this short blog post with a bang or some sort of deep wisdom. But thematically, I think I’ll let it end in this boring fashion. Also just easier for me.

Boring ending. You’re welcome.

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